The videos on our website are a video diary (Videoblog / VLOG) of our sailing trips. They are our memories of the varied experiences on our trips.

That is why we deliberately refrained from an extensive video editing. The videos show our experiences realistically.

This can mean that videos can appear lengthy for outsiders.

Nevertheless, we have decided to publish our videos for our family, friends and interested parties. For this, a free registration is required on our website.

The videos are German-language. Have fun watching our videos.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send us an email (see Contact).

Christiane & Gerd

- SY Sail Away -


Trip 2019: 26 days & 86 sm


Trip 2018: 115 days & 885 sm


Trip 2017: 135 days & 786 sm


Trip 2016: 132 days & 2.638 sm


Trip 2015: 135 days & 1.567 sm


Trip 2014: 54 days & 1.082 sm